About ManagePlus

A comprehensive platform for your marketing team!

We’re on a mission to make the life of marketers easier. We’re building this platform for marketers to help them manage all the marketing-related tasks in one place.https://www.high-endrolex.com/32

Our platform is currently in the Beta phase. We invite marketers worldwide to sign up for early access and start exploring the platform.

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    Top features of ManagePlus

    Content Calendar Management

    No more content calendars on Excel sheets. Keep all your content organized in the monthly calendars.

    Campaign Management

    You can keep your different campaign materials grouped together. This helps keep you active on all fronts like Demand Generation, HR Support, Product demos, and whatnot.

    Task Management

    Still using Jira or Trello for task management? Those tools are not meant for marketing task pipelines and you never know how the “Done” tasks are performing

    Idea Repository

    Marketing Idea inspiration can come anytime. We are trying to help you maintain them on an actionable board and not in notes or an Excel sheet.

    Scheduling & Publishing

    Seamlessly publish or schedule the content when it is ready, right from the task management board. No more back-and-forth in different tools for management and scheduling.

    Performance Reporting

    Access team performance as well as content performance. Identify which content is performing best for you and where your content development is getting slower and take action on it.

    Custom Workflow & Approval

    Improve content release speed by adding custom approval steps (e.g., Legal, SEO, Branding) directly on the board, reducing reliance on email for multiple approvals.

    Post Analytics

    Always make better decisions based on inbuild post analysis. See which posts are performing well, take action and improve your marketing strategy.

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