Learn and help others to learn

ManagePlus academy is a community platform for marketers to share their valuable knowledge with Industry.

Why should I do it?

Develop your community, show your skills, grow your business

  • This is a great way to engage with your followers and grow your audience
  • You can promote your work or services in the introduction sections
  • It’s a great way to improve your personal branding
  • It’s your knowledge portfolio. This helps you demonstrate the depth and width of your experiences
  • Most importantly, this is a community development program. We share our knowledge with the community and help everyone grow professionally.

How do I share my knowledge?

The purpose of the community is to share the practical knowledge of marketing work. We highly encourage you to select only your professionally mastered topics.

To begin with,

  • You can shortlist a few topics you want to cover
  • Select a topic from the list that you’re most excited about
  • You can create PPT or slideshow and arrange content outline there
  • You can try recording some smaller videos to check the audio and video quality. If you want to take a look at this point, you can connect with our community managers at
  • Record a full video and share it with our community manager who will then post it on ManagePlus community

What is the format we’re currently supporting?

This is strictly a marketing knowledge sharing platform, and only related marketing topics are accepted. Please share only the professionally mastered topics as per your experience.

  • Structure webinars covering a single topic in question answer session format
  • All covered questions should be predecided before the webinar
  • It can be a 40 minutes webinar, hosted on one or many social media platforms
  • Live questions will be taken only if you are comfortable with it
  • You can promote your service or work in 2-minutes introduction section and in last slide section

  • Videos covering a single topic in depth within 5-10 minutes
    You can prepare a playlist of the related video if you want to cover multiple topics
  • High video quality with minimum 720p resolution and properly audible sound
  • You can promote your service or work in 30-second introduction section and in the last slide section

  • The article should cover the single topic in detail
  • You should try to cover the practical oriented approach rather than the theories
  • The article should be grammatically error free and well structured
  • You can promote your services or work in the writer’s introduction section at the end of the article.
How can I associate with it?

Marketers willing to share their knowledge can send your profile and topics to Our team will get in touch with you for further process.