How to Get the Most Searched Trending Keywords on Google in 2024

Suman Sen January 5, 2024 5 Minutes Read
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Getting your website or content to rank for Google’s most searched keywords can help drive significant traffic. These trending keywords are often highly competitive due to their popularity and commercial value. However, with the right keyword SEO tool and strategies, your content can rank among these most searched keywords.

This blog will share tips and tools to help you find the hottest upcoming keyword search volume trends for 2024 to get free traffic to your website. Let’s get started!

Understanding Trending Keywords

Before diving into the keyword research process, it’s essential to understand what qualifies as a trending keyword. Trending keywords have some defining characteristics:

  • Related to current events, pop culture, viral topics, etc., that are generating high search volumes over a short period.
  • Search volumes for these terms are rising rapidly compared to historical data.
  • Have commercial potential in terms of driving qualified traffic and leads to websites.
  • Typically, they remain popular search terms for a few months before being replaced by newer trends.

Knowing these factors will help you identify keywords primed to take off regarding search volumes next year. Targeting trending keywords early allows you to establish authority before competition increases.

Tools for Finding Hot Keyword Trends

There are several free and paid keyword SEO tools that provide keyword data and trends valuable for finding promising keywords to target in the coming year:

  • Google Keyword Planner:

    The free tool from Google shows estimated monthly search volumes for keywords globally and locally. Enter potential terms to see their popularity and rise or fall in search volumes over different periods.

  • SEMrush:

    This paid keyword SEO tool offers advanced keyword research tools, including a trending keyword tracker and forecasted search volumes over 12 months. It can predict future keyword trends.

  • Ahrefs:

    Like SEMrush, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer has advanced keyword research features, including trend analysis and forecasting future keyword search volume on Google for up to 48 months.

  • Google Trends:

    Compare the popularity of different search terms entered over time and across other regions worldwide. See terms with rising interest levels that could be new keywords to explore.

  • Answer the Public is a free tool that analyzes keyword search volume on Google, Reddit, Twitter, and more to uncover viral topics and queries gaining traction monthly and weekly.

Combining these resources will help you find trends with upward search volume trajectories that will likely become significant keywords to target next year. Focus on current events, new product launches, holidays, etc.

Researching Upcoming Events and Trends

To find the Google most searched keyword trends for 2024 and beyond, researching upcoming events, product launches, and industry trends and observing seasonal changes provides valuable insights. Some ideas to explore include:

  • Major events such as opening of a new Olympic Games or elections or newly released movies and television series will generate many related search terms.
  • In 2024-5, keywords from product launches by the tech giants are expected.
  • Crypto/NFT trends and platforms to pay attention to may be mass-market next year.
  • The travel and tourism industry projects a vigorous rebound in 2024: destination searches.
  • They predict that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, VR, and AR are poised to take off. Related keywords will also surge in a big way.
  • Some keywords around 2023’s new wellness trends will expand. ( can you give some keyword example )

Staying aware of forecasts from analysts and trend experts helps spot search patterns before they take off. This extensive keyword research will help you get traffic to your website for free.

Monitoring Trends Year-Round

While the initial most searched words on Google today provide a strong starting point, ongoing monitoring of trends is required to stay ahead of rapidly evolving searches. The top methods to track trends throughout 2024 and beyond include:

  • Set Google Alerts for topic clusters or seed keywords uncovered in the initial research. This tracks new mentions and rising queries.
  • Bookmark topic or event posts on Reddit and set notifications to see discussion increase.
  • Follow industry leaders, analysts, and trendpotters on social media for forecast updates.
  • Revisit keyword SEO tools weekly to check changes in volume or interest for priorities.
  • Review news and media coverage spikes for clues about emerging interests.
  • Analyse traffic changes on authority sites in niches for rising query hints.

Staying vigilant and adaptable allows for shifting priorities as new trends arise throughout the year or seasonal searches change. This continued exploration maximises the potential to rank early for ample commercial opportunities as they emerge.

Focus on Long Tail Keywords

We have covered major keyword research concepts and how to stay on top of trends. Now let’s discuss one of the most essential strategies – long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords and keyphrases are:

  • More specific versions of broader high-traffic keywords
  • Usually, multiple words strung together in a longer, more descriptive query
  • The much lower competition allows more accessible Google rankings
  • Highly targeted, demonstrating clear user search intent
  • Include product attributes, job titles, questions, comparisons, etc.
  • Drive very qualified visitors closer to converting to your site.

For example – instead of the ultra-competitive single-word keyword shoes:

  • “buy narrow-toe black leather oxfords.”
  • “orthopedic shoes for plantar fasciitis”

These visitor journeys start further down the conversion funnel. Landing pages optimised for properly matched long tails stand a better chance of turning searchers into buyers. Let’s examine why you should heavily target longer, more precise keyword queries.

  1. Higher Conversion Rates

    Hyper-relevant pages ranked for tight matching long tails will resonate better with visitors who clearly showed their specific intent via the keywords.

    Catering closely to customer needs rather than competing only for short, broad terms equates to a better on-site experience. Visitors reach this page because you have the exact solution they want. Higher engagement and lower bounce rates translate directly into better conversions for leads and sales.

  2. Easier to Rank

    The chart below illustrates the power of long-tail keywords for organic search visibility. While short, popular keywords have a high search volume, they attract the most competition. This makes them exponentially harder to rank for against established sites.

Monitor Competitors in Key Verticals

Tracking competitor activity helps stay informed about the trending keywords as they spread between authoritative websites. Identify top industry leaders gaining visibility and traffic rankings for newsworthy themes to:

  • Analyse their earned links and content strategy for lessons to apply.
  • Monitor for opportunities to collaborate with shared influencers.
  • Identify potential partnership or product review placements to drive referral traffic.
  • Spot content gaps suitable for authoritative asset creation.
  • Benchmark performance metrics to refine your optimisation process continually.
  • Watch competitor link profiles to find new outreach angles and partnership potential.


In conclusion, performing extensive keyword research and monitoring trends year-round are the keys to getting the most searched words on Google today. It identifies promising search queries that can drive traffic to your website in 2024. Keyword SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Answer the Public allow you to discover keywords with rising search volumes related to upcoming events, new product launches, and emerging industry trends.

Implementing a consistent trend forecasting process, keyword identification, content development, and promotion allows you to benefit from new search opportunities from their inception. This comprehensive approach maximises the chances of ranking highly for the hottest rising keywords 2024.

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At a minimum, be ready to publish several pieces of optimized content within 1-2 weeks on a new trending topic to catch the surge in searches.

Long-form, in-depth articles are ideal but shorter formats like videos, podcasts or slideshows can also perform well if appropriately optimized around the keyword.

Major annual events or product release cycles can allow 6-12 months of planning. Most spikes are more complex to predict more than a month in advance.

Google Trends, YouTube, News widgets in Ahrefs/SEMrush/Moz, and social listening tools like Meltwater or Brandwatch.

Strong on-page optimization focused on the target keyword is most important initially. Sharing helps but isn’t always necessary if the content matches searchers’ intent.

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